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Comments 2 By Germany ra1l in velocity Clan News on Monday 07 May @ 18:15

We(hectic and me) decided to shut down our velocity. team because of several reasons.

So you can still browse the forums but you wont find anything interesting anymore i think ^^

cya !

Clan News!

Comments 3 By Netherlands TOETER in velocity Clan News on Tuesday 01 May @ 06:40

Welcome our new Members, Trials.
News about a clanmember that left and more!

Read more inside!

velocity. Management.

Clan Newssss

Comments 2 By Netherlands TOETER in velocity Clan News on Wednesday 25 April @ 18:48

First off i want y'all to welcome our newest members:

Image velocity. loftikz
Image velocity. bsT

Second thing:
I'm glad to say that ImagezEn1th has been promoted to the "Admin" rank.

Last but not least:
I made a new "forun" as y'all can see called "Sports". Since pretty much everyone in the clan likes football, help populating the forums. :]

Welcome our newest Members!

Comments 4 By Netherlands TOETER in velocity Clan News on Thursday 19 April @ 05:03

Please welcome our newest Members!

Image velocity. ISSUE
Image velocity. Proster
Image velocity. beware

Please keep up your activity, lads. :]
Welcome to the clan!